Sightseeing Tour e-learning
designed and inspired by true stories
Diversity for common sense
Are you challenged by explaining to your employees what diversity and inclusion are? In
a simple way reflecting your local reality?

Is it a struggle to have your workshops or webinars accessible to all employees (white, blue collars...anyone) and you search for alternatives that provide interaction?

We offer unusual e-learning.

  • True Stories
    Interactive walk based on real human stories.
  • No Diversity Buzz Words
    Commperhansive language about authenticity and diversity.
  • Experience and Imagination
    No testing of knowledge but mediating an experience.
  • Short and Accessible to All
    In 30 min and understandable to any job position.
  • Active Engagement
    Interactions and no passive 'clik' next bottom.
  • Adaptation and Languages
    In various languages and a part of it we adapt to your needs.
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