Wondering how to improve ESG performance by improving your company's diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies and practices? Contact us!
"Social" of the ESG Reporting
Diversity, equity and inclusion are an important part of the ESG reporting. Most Czech companies put the greatest emphasis on the Social pillar (based on research by IPSOS, 2022). We are ready to help you enhance yours - with tangible programmes from our 20y experience in the field.
DEI Metrics
Clear numbers are the best argument for the management to advocate for diversity. That is why we have been developing analytical tool which measures your DEI performance. Would you like to know more? Drop us a message:

Use the synergy between diversity and ESG

We offer your team a complete set of tools
to help you increase performance in
diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • ESG Reporting
    We will guide you through the ESG jungle to find the right path to the "S" of the ESG.
  • Diversity Metrics
    Analysis and reporting of your performance in diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • DEI Consulting
    We provide consultations tailored to your needs.