Living Library workshop

Don't judge a book by its cover!

Would you like to open up the topic of diversity in a simple and human way? What about to do it through the stories of people who are "the books" of different genres and covers?
A book is an authentic person open to getting down to the nitty-gritty of his/her story.
Authorisation to use the method was granted to OPIM in 2007 by the Council of Europe.
  • Real Stories

    By the people, for the people, unvarnished and authentic, in a safe and professional environment where your employees become readers.
  • 16 Years' Experience

    A worldwide programme, OPIM is qualified by the Council of Europe to use the method. In 2020, we were awarded the SDGs Prize.
  • Dialogue and Inquiry

    The method takes away the shyness and awkwardness of asking trivial or complicated questions in small groups.
  • Work with Prejudices

    It literally breaks down prejudices and arouses people's interest in the topic of diversity and inclusion.
  • Flexible and Accessible to Everyone

    Online 2 hours (3 books), offline 3 hours (4 books).
    For companies and schools.
    We will prepare your communication and invitation from A to Z.
  • Languages

    In Czech and English.

Living Library in Schools

Join our donation drive on the portal darujme.cz and help us organize Living Libraries in more schools and also in other regions.
Video Living Library (2020)

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