Power & Privilege Game

Workshop game

Would you like to sensitively and playfully introduce the topic of discrimination and microaggression to your employees, increase empathy and allyship? Let them play and put themselves in someone else's shoes. Games help us to move beyond our comfort zone and thus learn more deeply about ourselves and others.
  • Experience, Imagination and Active Involvement

    Play, emotions, a different dimension of thinking and decision making, the experience of being someone else, discovering one's own privileges. The workshop is 10% theory and 90% interaction.
  • Microaggressions

    Consciously or unconsciously, we use microaggressions in our work, which we distinguish in the simulation game and with the "Theatre of the Oppressed" method.
  • Allyship

    A great tool to foster peer to peer support and allyship to the disadvantaged and minorities in the team.
  • Ideal for Leaders and Managers

    It will help leaders better understand the needs and uniqueness of the team and lead by example.
  • Flexible and Accessible to Everyone

    Online 2 hours, offline 2,5 - 3 hours.
    We will prepare your communication and invitation from A to Z.

  • Languages

    In Czech and English.

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