Our Team
  • Jana Tikalová
    Founder and CEO
    I have been active in diversity, human rights, and inclusion for 20+ years. During my university studies, I founded OPIM. I graduated from anthropology in the UK. I worked on the international level first 8 years.

    I have experience with senior positions in HR and Training development in travel retail and automotive. As a trainer and consultant, I help to leverage diversity & inclusion in the organization.

    I am a visionary and a well of ideas open to new challenges. In OPIM I lead the team and B2B partners relations. I am a co-founder and member of the Advisory Board of D&I Shapers by OPIM.

  • Martin Kokeš
    IT support & development
    I am a teacher of web design and applications in the secondary school. Among my students there are students with special needs.

    When I was introduced OPIM and one of the projects Diversity Talent Pool, it all fit into the big picture. Somehow my work helps the students to connect with future employers.

    In OPIM I focus primarely on the app backend Diversity Talent Pool and implementation of new technologies.
  • Marie Horniecká
    Business Development
    I take care of a business strategy and development of OPIM with innovative approaches. I elevate our products and services to technological heights and bring them to practice.

    I have decent experience from consulting on innovation, technology and research-based projects. I graduated from international relations which opened number of cooperations with corporations, e.g. consulting for Fortune Global 500 companies and EU Program or eco-social startup in India. I have been running micro-learning courses as a designer, trainer, and facilitator.

    My drive is to leave clear results behind my work.
  • Jana Gajdošová
    Operations & Communication
    Human rights, diversity and inclusion has been my dream work since my ethnology studies. I am part of OPIM over 10 years, starting as a volunteer and coordinator of its evergreen project Living Library. Currently I take care of operations and communication.

    I connect my passion for D&I with my experience of project management.

    I also have passion for education and career consulting. I have been member of the EU working group, representing the Czech Republic for early education termination.

    Being a social and communication geek, I love silence for my work in excel sheets.
  • Dinah Spritzer
    Trainer & Facilitator - Interculture Comm
    I am a communication consultant focusing on diversity, intercultural dialogue, writing without jargon, media literacy, sexual harassment prevention and boosting women's confidence.

    I have been working as a journalist for two decades across the globe, covering minorities, religion, and gender for the New York Times, USAToday, The Jerusalem Post, and other brand-name media.
    I am an American who specializes in the unique social and cultural dynamics of CEE and has lived in Prague since 2001.

    I teach journalism at New York University and am an author of "Global and Intercultural Communications," an academic book (2021).

    In OPIM I co-facilitate workshops on intercultural dialogue.

  • Ondřej Pospíšil
    I primarily focus on web design and digital strategy. I design webs, web applications, and unusual technical solutions that are simple, clear, and systematic.

    I have experience with tech and IT firms and projects. I am the author of the notebook for web designers Poonbook and the creative label Kolabo.

    Work, for me, is predominantly about responsibility. I enjoy the variety and that my days are always different.

    In OPIM, I am responsible for the web design and for having the platform user friendly, as well as for the strategy development.

  • Barbora Sedlářová
    Living Library Schools
    Since the beginning of my studies, I have been passionate about human rights, inclusion, and diversity. I am particularly interested in the Middle East. Equality, for me, does not mean uniformity for all but rather treating every person as a unique individual.

    In the past six years, and also during my maternity and parental leave, I have been working as a journalist, reporting on domestic, international, and regional news.

    I am a reliable organiser with great organisational skills, which I've gained during my parental leave. In OPIM, I help with organising Living Libraries for schools and in charge of monthly newsletter.
  • Tereza De Bardi
    Co-founder of D&I Shapers
    I am a consulting director at Deloitte, working with clients on large transformation programs, mainly in the field of Finance and Shared Services. Through my 20 + years career in the business world, I know how to navigate the waters of the male-dominated environment well and hope to see more diversified leadership and management levels in business soon.
    From 2020 I lead the D&I agenda in Deloitte Czech Republic

    I am a creative person, combining many interests and passions.

    I have co-founded a platform D&I Shapers by OPIM where I am a member of the Advisory Board. In OPIM I contribute to shape the D&I Shapers community.
  • Kristin LaRonca Parpel
    Facilitator and Moderator
    am an executive coach and leadership consultant who is very passionate about diversity and inclusion. While studying psychology at university, I was taking care of disabled children. This experience and my extensive travels, gave me a completely different view on what diversity and inclusion means and why it is so important and beneficial to all of us.

    I have experience with leading global teams. I was a board member of international organisations supporting women, children or human rights, such as UNICEF. Currently I am active in various platforms for women.

    In OPIM I moderate podcasts and help to moderate various events.
  • Tomáš Drvota
    Frontend Developer
    My main area of interest is web development and online marketing. I focus on coding, SEO, and running e-shops. I have started building websites since my university studies.

    I am the founder of eSoul, a digital (non)agency that connects freelancers. I have experience with small websites as well as large companies' pages and e-shops.

    I enjoy the freedom and independence my work offers and that every day brings a new challenge that needs to be solved.

    In OPIM, I am responsible for the web app Diversity Talent Pool and its frontend.

  • Tereza Kosnarová Venerová
    User Researcher
    I am a researcher passionate about data. I have experience in UX, design thinking, and facilitation over the last 15 years.

    I always try to understand problems that the users have and think of a possible solution with respect, empathy, and humbleness. The best part of user research and testing is the variety of perceived problems.

    In the OPIM team, I work as a researcher and facilitator of educational programs and events. I pose challenging questions not only to partners but also to candidates so I can better understand their needs and concerns so we can create the best possible solution.
  • Eva Švejdarová
    Trainer & Facilitator - D&I
    Diversity & Inclusion, as well as Intercultural Communication, have been my fields of passion for 20+ years. Diversity, in the broadest sense, has been part of my personal and professional life as I previously lived, studied, and worked in Spain (Granada) and the United States (Los Angeles and Hawaii) for many years.

    At the university, as well as in my consulting practice and in the corporate sphere, my primary focus is the development of human capital and competencies among both students and clients. I specialize in leadership training and neuroscience-based disruptive thinking to help individuals and teams grow.

    At OPIM, I facilitate workshops in the field of inclusive leadership and I cooperate in design of educational programs.

  • Pavla Araudo
    Trainer & Facilitator - Gender Equality
    I came across issues of diversity and inclusion first while studying education of people with specific needs, and later through studies of gender and intersectionality.

    Currently, I mainly focus on supporting public institutions in creating a fair working environment and equal opportunities in science and research. Working at the Centre for gender and science, Institute of Sociology, I specialize on providing consultations, lectures, workshops and information about measures promoting diversity and equality.

    I co-facilitate and co-train workshops, webinars and training courses.
  • Frank Navratil
    Lecturer & Consultant - Mindfulness
    I am a Canadian-born naturopathic doctor, wellness coach and lecturer, mindfulness-based cognitive practitioner and meditation instructor. I have over 25 years of experience teaching and consulting people to improve their physical, mental and psychological health and wellbeing.

    I have developed a mind-training technique (Middle Way Mind Training) which I teach people so they can use the technique in their workplaces and private life. My passion is to help people by using the right techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout, improving personal happiness, job satisfaction, communication, and interpersonal relationships as well as increasing job performance and productivity.

    I facilitate workshops, webinars, and consultations for groups or individuals on-site or online. I am a native English speaker who also speaks Czech. I have lived in the Czech Republic since 1998.